Salted Egg – Telur Asin


Duck’s eggs 10
Water 2 liters (8 cups/ 3 1/5  pints)
Coarse salt 450 g (1 lb)
Saltpetre (potassium nitrate) ½  tsp

  1. Put eggs into old-fashioned earthen jar or bean pot
  2. Bring water to the boil in a pot. Dissolve salt and saltpeter in boiling water, then remove from heat and leave to cool
  3. Pour cooled solution over eggs and store for 3 weeks
  4. When required, remove, eggs from earthen jar or bean pot and hard-boil them
  5. To serve, slice each egg in half, but retain shell
source: The complete Indonesian cook book, Agnes de Keijzer Brackman and Cathay Brackman
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