Nasi Ulam

Ulam Rice

1 Salted tenggiri fish
2 boiled mackerels
2 tbsp kerisik (pounded dry-fried grated coconut)
120ml thick coconut milk
4 shallots (sliced)
600g cooked rice
juices of 2 limes
oil for frying


1 turmeric leaf/daun kunyit
2 cashew nut leaves
1 stalk basil leaves
1 stalk kesum leaves
2 stalk ulam raja leaves
1 stalk selom leaves
1 bud ginger flower/bunga kantan
1 stalk lemon grass/serai (finely slice)
3 sekentut leaves
2 kaduk leaves
5 pegaga leaves

How to cook:

1. Wash all the leaves, the leaves up in bundles and slice finely.
2. Wash the ginger flower and lemon grass. Cut finely.
3. Heat oil, fry the salted tenggiri fish and mackerel.
4. Remove and flake the flesh of both fish.
5. Mix thoroughly all ingredients with kerisik, lemon grass, ginger flower, shallots and thick coconut milk.
6. Add cooked rice into the mixture, combine well.
7. Squeeze lime juice over rice and serve.

To serve:

Serve on the plate
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